Painting The Corners
Art And Inspiration


The fine art of sports is portrayed in broad brush strokes across the canvas of American culture. From advertising to motion pictures and literature to the lyrics of a Top 40 song, ours is a nation endowed by an uncommon creativity found on the field of play. Through the paintings and sculptures of America’s best-known talents – such as Warhol, Rockwell and Neiman – our social history comes alive in a colorful palette of fastballs, fashion and folk art.

Join us as a discussion of sports in popular culture unfolds with the galleries of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum as the backdrop. See how the poetry of the game has impacted the American vernacular since the 19th century. With a lineup that extends from the cereal box to the big screen to the concert stage to the artist’s studio, baseball has led the evolution of sport into entertainment.

An Electronic Field Trip with appeal to music lovers, technology buffs, art aficionados and avid readers, this engaging look at the impact of athletics on popular culture is sure to capture the interest of every student. What connection exists between the Beatles and baseball? Which sport was most often portrayed on the idyllic covers of the Saturday Evening Post? How many best-selling books have been written by or about athletes? What sports paintings hang in the world’s most renowned art exhibitions? Step out of the batter’s box and buy your ticket at the box office for this blockbuster program on America’s love affair with the art of the game.