Just Where Is That Zero-G Room?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions about training for space. Come discover the answer.

The World Year of Physics, Space Center Houston, and NASA have teamed up to bring the weightless world to the classroom. Fly inside NASA's vomit comet, the C-9, a plane that does a roller coaster ride in the sky. See how the astronauts train and conduct experiments during this wild ride. Take an inside peek at weightless research, a journey granted to only a select few! Learn about and explore the C-9 plane itself as we study it from the inside, miles above the earth and live from its hangar at Johnson Space Center, as well.

Watch as teachers test their experiments in this wacky environment and participate with hands-on, minds-on demonstrations. Become a part of the experience and learn the importance of the research and the physics behind this incredible setting. Zip up your flight suit and leave behind your preconceived notions of weightlessness and microgravity to celebrate Einstein's 100th Anniversary with an in-depth look at physics at work in and out of this world!