Discovering Our American Spirit
Finding Common Ground in the National Pastime


Take a front row seat on the wooden bleachers of a windsweptfield where baseball provides a virtual view of our country's character. Journey back in time to discover a young land as its enterprising soul comes of age in the villages and towns of 19th century America. follow the exploration of a western frontier after an anguishing Civil War to see how natives and naturalized citizens forge a familiar pastime while learning each other's customs and cultures.

Join students across the globe in a vintage game of Town Ball where every base represents moments or milestones in crafting a collective identity known as the American Spirit. From the melting pot to the meeting places of the 1800s, men and women, immigrants and Indians, people of all colors, come together to create a new game and a new nation at the same time.

Button up your wool jersey, lace up your leather high tops and put on a pillbox cap for a turn at bat that will start every student racing around the base paths to a bygone era.