Where Are All The Little Green Men?


What an exciting time we live in! Just as one President inspired a generation to dream about going to the moon, so has President Bush called for a new generation to take the next step. Imagine what your students will see in their lifetimes - mans return to the moon, more exciting rovers to Mars and beyond, and the first human to set foot on another planet! Inspire the next generation of explorers by taking an out-of-this-world look at planetary exploration. Enliven you students with information about exploration vehicles from experts at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Find out what it will take for humans to survive on the Moon or another planet from engineers and scientists from NASA's Johnson Space Center, the home of human space exploration. Get caught red-handed with educational activities designed to excite the mind and ignite the spirit. Learn what the discovery of ancient bodies of water means for the history of the Red Planet and out own. We may be closer than we think to finding the little green men! Possibly one of your students will be the one to take the next giant leap for mankind!