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Researched by the Stark County Educational Service Center and an outstanding team of science teachers in Stark County, Ohio, the links listed below should help students and teachers in various grade levels discover their own fascinating Gem of a Story.
State Minerals Information (from US Geological Survey)
International Minerals Information (from US Geological Survey)
Mountains West Mineralogy and Mining Resource Links
Jewelers of America
Catalog of minerals industries books (some are inexpensive)
National Aerial Photography Survey
Become a Rock Detective - Units for Sale
Kentucky Coal Facts
Mining and Economic Minerals Resources
The Atlanta Center for Urology
Kidney Stones
Louis C.Herring and Co.
NIH Kidney Disease Information Page
Steel in the Design of Manufacturing and Engineering of Automobiles in North America
Steel Industry
Franklin Industries
Lecture Notes from University of Colorado
Mineral diversity from Jill Banfield at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ask a Geologist ... and Other Sites from Illinois State Geological Survey
The History of Salt
Mining of Manganese
Rocks & Minerals Use Kit
Mineral Gallery
Rockhound's Information Page
Links to Growing Crystals
Temperature, Humidity Determines Snow Crystal Shapes
Spodumenes in North Carolina
The Mineral Spodumenes
Rocks and Minerals by Frederick H. Pough
The Specific Gravity Of Minerals
Maxium Density Test - T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S.
Frequently Asked Questions about Crystals for Students
GeoScience: K-12 Resources
Earth Science Data Directory
Geological Image Library
Geologic Time Scale
Illustrated Glossary of Geologic Terms
Rock Shop
US Geologic Survey
Virtual Cave
Diamond Comments
Diamonds - The Power of Love Tour - American Gem Society
The Mystique of Diamonds - American Gem Society
Choosing a Diamond - the Four C's (illustrated)
Gem and Precious Stone Deposit Map
Alaska's Copper River Valley
The Copper Page
What's New in the World of Science
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