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The AAGPBL grew out of Philip Wrigley's concerns for major league baseball during wartime.

Live Program Hosts & Personalities

Lefty Alvarez  

Isabel "Lefty" Alvarez
Isabel Alvarez was born October 31, 1933, in Havana Cuba. Known as "Lefty," Alvarez played in the AAGPBL from 1949-54. She started her career with the Chicago Colleens and ended with the Fort Wayne Daisies. After leaving the league, Alvarez worked for General Motors in Fort Wayne, IN.


Hustle Burkovich  

Shirley "Hustle" Burkovich
Shirley Burkovich was born February 4, 1933, in Swissvale, PA. Known during her days in the league as "Hustle," Burkovich started with the Springfield Sallies and Chicago Colleens and ended her career with the Rockford Peaches. She was a utility player and played both infield and outfield. After leaving the league, Shirley was an associate engineer with Pacific Bell.


Helen Hannah Campbell  

Helen Hannah Campbell
Helen Hannah Campbell grew up in Fountain Valley, CA, and called Whittier, CA, home during the AAGPBL. From 1947 through 1951, Campbell was a chaperone for the Muskegon Lassies and was known to her players as "Happie" or "Sarge." Campbell's father was a professional baseball player and played with Babe Ruth after World War I with the Yankees. After leaving the league, Campbell made a career of the military and retired after 32 years of service.


Jean Cione  

Jean "Ci" Cione
Jean Cione was born June 23, 1928, in Rockford, IL. Cione started her career with the Rockford Peaches in 1947 and in 1954 she ended her career with Rockford after playing with three other teams in the AAGPBL. Known as "Ci," Cione had two no hit/no run games in 1950 and was a league All-Star in 1952. After leaving the league, Cione was a physical education professor for 29 years at Eastern Michigan University.


Audrey Haine Daniels  

Audrey Haine Daniels
Audrey Haine Daniels was born May 9, 1927, in Winnepeg, Manitoba. Daniels, known as "Audi," played six years in the AAGPBL. She started with the Minneapolis Millerettes and ended her career with the Rockford Peaches. Daniels was a pitcher in the league and had an ERA of 2.46 in 1945 with the Fort Wayne Daisies. After leaving the league, Daniels became a wife and mother. She currently lives in Bay Village, OH.


Terry Donahue  

Terry Donahue
Terry Donahue was born August 8, 1925, in Melaval, Saskatchewan. Donahue played in the AAGPBL from 1946-49 with the Peoria Redwings. Known as "Terry," Donahue was a catcher and in 1948-49 she had 32 RBIs on 31 hits. In 1987, Donahue was inducted into the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame. After leaving the league, Donahue did bookkeeping and accounting for an Interior Design Firm in Chicago. She now resides in St. Charles, IL.


Jane Moffet  

Jane Moffet
Jane Moffet was born July 2, 1930, in Pitman, NJ. Moffet toured with the Springfield Sallies before joining the AAGPBL in 1951. Moffet was a catcher, outfielder and first baseman and hit .351 in 1952 for Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Upon leaving the league, Moffet spent 23 years in education and calls Tom River, NJ, home now.


Earlene Risinger  

Earlene "Beans" Risinger
Earlene Risinger was born March 20, 1927 in Hess, OK. Known as "Beans," Risinger started her career with the Springfield Sallies in 1948 and played the next six years with the Grand Rapids Chicks. Risinger was a pitcher and she struck out the last batter with the bases loaded to win the pennant for the Grand Rapids Chicks in 1953. Also, in 1953 Risinger had an ERA of 1.75. After leaving the league, "Beans" spent most of her time in the medical field until her retirements in 1991. She now resides in Grand Rapids, MI.


Delores Brumfield White  

Delores Brumfield White
Delores Brumfield White was born May 26, 1932 in Pritchard, AL. Known as "Dolly," White played in the AAGPBL from 1947-1953. She led the Kenosha Comets in hitting in 1951 and finished second in the league in 1953. White played first, second and third base. After leaving the league, White became a teacher and retired after 40 years. White is currently the President of the AAGPBL Association.

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