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Many players kept scrapbooks of their years in the AAGPBL.

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September: In the end

September 1, 1946

September 1, 1946
Well, tonight we clinched the Pennant by splitting a double-header with South Bend. We won the first game and lost the second. Winter stared and gave 4 hits and blew up. Hutchison went in and retired the first 12 batters in order, and then the team relaxed and went on to win the game. Hutch didn’t give any hits, and we got 8 off Faut. Hutch got her 27th win in this game. We lost the second game 4-3. Emry gave 8 hits, and we got 5 off Luna. Kurys hit a home run, and Perlick and Dapkus got doubles. There were 4,453 fans at the games. In the first game, Perlick got 3 for 3. In the second game, Kurys got 2 for 4, and Danhouser had 15 putouts at first base.

September 2, 1946
We played the last two games of the regular season and split the double bill with the Blue Sox. We won the first one 3-2. Stephens gave 3 hits, and we got 3 off Koehn. I hit a single and scored Kurys and Perlick for the winning runs. In the second game, Barr gave 8 hits, and we got 7 off Thompson. We have the Pennant. Now all we need is the Championship. Some of the final doings are: Kurys scored 118 runs for a record, and stole 201 bases for another record. Kamenshek got 129 hits for a record, and Lib Mahon batted in 72 runs for another. Kamenshek lead the league in hitting with a .316.

September 3, 1946
Today we had a day off. Just messed around all day, and then Chris, Sophie, and I went out tonight.

September 4, 1946

September 4, 1946
Tonight the playoffs started, and we got off to a good start by beating South Bend 4-3 in 17 innings. Hutchison gave 6 hits, and we got 8 off Faut. Dapkus hit a triple, and Maddy hit a double to knock in the winning run. The game lasted 3 hours and 14 minutes. Sophie stole 4 bases. Hutch retired the first 17 batters to face her. She had a perfect game until the 6th inning, and the first hit came in the 8th inning. Sophie had 7 putouts and 7 assists. Marnie had 24 putouts at first base. There were 2,788 fans at the game. Rockford beat Grand Rapids 4-3. Deegan and Morris for the Peaches and Wisniewski for the Chicks.

September 5, 1946
We were rained out in the 4th inning. Went out to Thompsondale. Rockford beat Grand Rapids again, 2-0 this time. Morris gave 4 hits and had 8 strikeouts. Haylett went for Grand Rapids.

Millie Deegan

In the league 1946-52, Millie pitched, played second base and outfield.


September 6, 1946
Tonight looks as though we are just about through now. We lost 13-2 to South Bend. Winter gave 7 hits, Emry gave 5, and Barr gave 2, while we only got 4 off Luna. Grand Rapids beat Rockford 3-0 tonight. Wisniewski for Grand Rapids and Little and Holgerson. They had 4,603 at their game, and we had 3,743 at ours. Went out after that gruesome game.

September 7, 1946
Left early for South Bend today. It rained like mad here, and we didn’t play tonight. Just sat around and sweated out the next game. Took Heather to see Smoky. Mr. And Mrs. Black went with us.

September 8, 1946
Well, we won another game from the Blue Sox tonight, 7-1 this time. We only need one more win to have the semi-finals. Hutchison gave 2 hits, and we got 6 off Koehn and 5 off Faut. Perlick got a home run, and Schillace hit a triple. Marnie had 15 putouts at first. Perlick knocked in 3 runs. Sophie had 3. Rockford beat Grand Rapids 2-0. Deegan gave 3 hits and had 6 strikeouts. Wisniewski was for Grand Rapids. There were 7,413 at our game tonight.

September 9, 1946
Tonight we clinched the semi-finals. We won 10-2. Jo Winter gave 3 hits, and Luna gave us 10. Kurys and English got doubles, and Trezza hit a triple. Marnie had 17 putouts. Maddy had 9 assists and 1 putout. It has rained, and the field was wet and very messy. There were 3,212 at the game. Ginny and Chris came down for the game, and I drove Chris’s car back to Racine.

September 10, 1946

September 10, 1946
Well, the Rockford Peaches moved into Racine to battle with us for the Championship. We won 6-3 tonight. Hutchison gave 7 hits, and Little gave us 9. English got a home run, and Kurys and Dapkus got triples. Hutch has won her three games she has pitched in the playoffs. Pepper rehurt her ankle. We had 2,928 at the game tonight.

September 11, 1946
Tonight we beat Rockford again, this time only 2-1. Winter gave 3 its, and we got 3 off Morris and 1 off Deegan. Winter gave 1 hit in 7 innings, and Morris gave 1 in 8. In the 9th, Kurys got a single, stole second. Trezza beat out a bunt, and Kurys went to third. Trezza then went to second. Perlick got

September 12, 1946
Today we went to Rockford and lost 2-1. Hutchison lost her first playoff game. She gave 3 hits, and so did Deegan for the Peaches. There were 3,216 at the game.

September 13, 1946
Well, today we had a day off. Not much to do around here. We did a little shopping. Went to see Cluny Brown.

September 14, 1946
Tonight we won another ball game from the Peaches 4-1. Jo Winter gave 3 hits, and we got 7 off Morris. Carolyn had 8 strikeouts. Perlick hit a homer, and Kurys and Paire hit a double. There were 4,963 at the game.

September 15, 1946

September 15, 1946
4,490 people watched us lose another game to the Peaches 1-0. Hutchison gave 5 hits, and Deegan also gave us 5. Joey Larsen and Ginny came down, and I rode back to Racine with them.

September 16, 1946
Well, tonight 5,630 people watched us battle 14 innings with the Peaches, but we won the Championship 1-0. Winter gave 13 hits and 4 walks. Rockford had 19 runners left on base. Morris had a perfect game for 6 innings. Abbott made an error that ruined that. She had a no-hit, no-run game for 9 innings. She gave 3 hits, and had 8 strikeouts. Deegan relieved her in the 12th and gave 2 hits. Deegan got credit for the lose. Kurys scored the winning run. She got a single and stole second and third. Then, Trezza singled and scored the run. The game lasted 2 hours and 40 minutes. English had 10 chances at 3rd and made 2 errors. Trezza had 8 chances at shortstop, and Marnie had 22 putouts at first base. The gang all went to Thompsondale for the rest of the night. More fun.

September 17, 1946
Tonight the directors gave us a victory banquet, and we held it at Lee Dolph’s. Really was nice. We then all went out to Wadewitz’s home and spent most of the rest of the night out there.

September 18, 1946

September 18, 1946
Checked in equipment today and said goodbye to all the gang. Sure did hate to see them all go. It has really been a great summer and one that I’ll never forget. Received $397.33 for the playoffs.



October: End of the season


October 21, 1946
Left Racine at 7:30 P.M. Was sure good to get started home, but I hated to leave all the gang of friends there. Left Chicago at 11:00 P.M. by plane.

October 22, 1946
Arrived in Phoenix at 1:00 P.M. Was sure good to get home and see the family and the good old desert and mountains again. The end of something I’ll always remember and am very proud to have played in the league with a swell bunch of people.


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