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CTE Research Showcase

Celebrating student and faculty technology research

2014 Showcase: April 21-25, 2014

As part of the 2014 Emens Distinguished Professorship with Dr. Yong Zhao, the CTE will provide students with opportunities to display recent or current research on any topic related to technology, globalization, and/or educational reform.

All students are invited to showcase work that will be displayed in the iStudio in “open house” format on April 21 during the day-long visit by Dr. Zhao. The posters/exhibits will remain on display in the iStudio the remainder of the week. Students preparing for a conference or who just want to celebrate and share recent work should consider this opportunity.

The “posters” can be print and/or digital exhibit (kiosk) and should be self explanatory for unattended display. Kiosk computers will be provided and a web site will organize promote the showcase The CTE staff can assist with poster and kiosk production.

The purpose of the showcase is to ignite discourse across the disciplines. As such, this is an un-refereed opportunity and the CTE will accept as many submissions as we can reasonably display in the iStudio and online.

Note: The showcase in the iStudio is distinct from the doctoral presentations for the Graduate Symposium, although those presentations will also have a presence among the posters in the iStudio.

Submission Process

This is not a refereed exhibit and is intended for informal sharing of recent work. The CTE will accept as many posters as we can but priority will be by order of submission.

Program Directors: Contact your students and encourage their participation.

Students: Send an email to with the information below. It’s also recommended to communicate to your program director or faculty advisor your intentions.

- Name(s) of students (we could consider a team of students)
- Hometown/State/Country
- Degree/license/certificate sought
- Department
- Research and/or project advisor(s)
- Title of presentation
- Abstract
- Relevant URL(s) (optional)
- Keywords: (e.g. Technology, Globalization, Educational Reform, etc.)

Students may produce their own poster (print and/or as a digital kiosk) or the staff of the CTE can help produce a poster from content that the student provides us. The deadline for submissions will be noon on April 15, 2014. Posters must be provided by Noon on April 18.

For questions, contact Dr. Matthew Stuve, Director of the CTE, or visit the iStudio (TC 217)