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Research in the CTE

A catalyst for research on emerging technologies in the learning sciences

Themes and Initiatives

The CTE partners with faculty and students, and K-12 educators to conduct research that informs policies, practice, and technologies for teaching and learning. Below are some themes of recent collaborations:
  • Learning Informatics is a framework that organizes systems, software, and interactive technologies for assessment, evaluation, and visualization of learning, media, and human-computer interaction (HCI).
  • Digital Literacies and Interactive Technologies constitute an applied research strand that responds to changes in teaching and learning brought about by emerging technologies.
  • Studio Pedagogy is an instructional enterprise in which cooperative learning structures and technology-saturated ecologies combine to promote sustained inquiry and academic development.
  • Online Learning is a broad range of technologies, pedagogies, and content that underpin a new applied instructional paradigm in which learning is on-demand, realized in multiple forms, and ubiquitous in the lives of children and adults.
  • Content Communities is the application of knowledge construction methodologies and distributed learning theories to communities of practice and/or outreach.
  • Digital Portfolios. TC was the first academic unit to require all candidates to build and maintain professional, digital portfolios throughout students.
  • Video Reflection is a method and process for using video in various forms to support learning in teacher education and field experiences.

CTE Resources and Services to Encourage Innovation and Research

  • Grant Writing. The CTE has a very successful grant writing portfolio.
  • The CTE iStudio offers an immersive context to support research and development.
  • Partnership Building. The CTE maintains a contact database with K-12 schools, agencies, and vendors seeking to empower teaching and learning with emerging technologies.
  • Media Production Equipment. The CTE iStudio maintains a board palette of digital media and interactive technology.
  • Systems Design for Content and Data Collection. The CTE maintains its own CMS and assessment management systems and aligns hosted solutions necessary for research.
  • Professional Development. The CTE has ready made workshops necessary for research in teacher practice and innovation.
  • Contexts and Events for Engagement. The CTE is a key partner for events that ignite conversation and discovery. See the Emens Distinguished Professor Series and the CTE Research Showcase for examples.

Contact the CTE Director for more information and to schedule a visit.