Faculty in Elementary Education have a long history of integrating technology into their curriculum. EDEL will utilize IDEA to support more students interested in technology who are not in a position to add another license.

Extra-Curricular Examples
EDEL and the CTE have partnered to develop training opportunities for interactive whiteboards in which the EDEL apprentices will develop online resources and conduct class demonstrations. The apprentices’ work will be credited to them and posted on the CTE’s resource site for schools. Dr. Matthew Stuve is writing grants for two area elementary schools that will pay EDEL apprentices to support teachers in iPad integration projects.

Course-Based Examples
Dr. Susan Tancock has agreed to design her EDRDG 445 course around IDEA projects, providing students with an academic credit option for IDEA projects. EDEL has identified EDEL 490 (Independent Study) as a vehicle for apprentices to study under EDEL faculty on focused projects.

EDEL has an existing scholarship that will be designated for IDEA students. The students’ portfolio of IDEA projects will serve as evidence of merit. The CTE will convene yearly, public showcases of graduating apprentices. Collaborating teachers and area schools will be invited. Documentation of a student’s IDEA portfolio will be provided to prospective employers. EDEL apprentices and their achievements will be promoted by the CTE in its marketing and outreach efforts.