This is the student who progresses from: 1) Learning in the iStudio on College projects; to 2) Engaged in field projects in which they learn in a reciprocal apprenticeship with educators; to 3) Immersed in autonomous, self-directed projects, perhaps as a full internship or BBC Fellows experience in which they receive academic credit in their program.


A faculty member, K-12 teacher, or other educator who agrees to oversee the apprentice. This might be in the form of a class project, a grant, community service, or any effort in which the mentor provides guidance and measures of success.


This is the person, group, school, or agency with whom the apprentice is engaged.


This is a department, program, vendor, agency, center or any entity that provides sustained context, resources, and/or opportunities for IDEA’s apprentices, mentors, and clients. An example is the Muncie Public Library, which has ongoing opportunities for computer training opportunities that our undergraduate teacher education majors should be in a good position to fulfill.