As part of their project, the apprentices need to complete a summative piece for their professional digital portfolio. We will refer to this as a web exhibit that should be composed as a summative presence for entire project that is written for a public audience. The web exhibit organizes the enduing presence of your project, with all your resources, materials, outcomes, and observations.
  1. Overview of the project or challenge, as a title page (refined from the proposal)
  2. Narrative of the project’s progress and evolution (written as a description of the activities conducted)
  3. Reflections and observations. This page must include at least one video meta reflection of the process of the project.
  4. Links to the project’s artifacts made as the deliverables for the client. This might includes training materials, resources, etc. If the delieravble include in-person training, video from that event(s) should be included in edited form (this can be included in the reflection video instead).
  5. Other pages deemed necessary by the team
  6. NETS-T and other relevant standards