Starting the IDEA process begins with a personal, professional interest in advancing teachers’ uses of technology in practice.

This Step: Complete the online application form

The CTE Staff will process your request and add you to the IDEA Community in Blackboard.

Also part of this step:
  • Students: Communicate with your course instructors and academic advisors that you are interested in connecting up academic opportunities to the resources and capacities of IDEA.
  • Faculty: Communicate your interests or questions to the IDEA coordinators. Let us know if we can be helpful in pre-planning projects in your courses or your own research agenda that involve students participating in technology immersive learning projects.
  • Teachers in the Field: Let us know you would like to be considered for projects in your schools/classrooms/agencies and what some typical needs you have. This can also be communicated in specific project proposals in the Ideate step.
  • Partners: Let us know if you would like us to target specific projects or technologies.

Next step: Ideate!