The IDEA process involves four phases, per project, with varying levels of voluntary participation:
  1. Engage: Sign up to join the IDEA community as an apprentice, mentor, client, or sponsor. The student is encouraged to discuss their participation in IDEA with his or her academic advisor to determine opportunities for courses and impact on academic progress.
  2. Ideate: Faculty, students, clients, and partners propose projects in an online database that will be made available to the apprentice-mentor-client teams.
  3. Immerse: Apprentices work in the iStudio, in the College, and in the field on projects with a mentor. Apprentices’ projects are reviewed by participating faculty and collaborating field contacts.
  4. Disseminate: Annual showcases of Apprentices’ portfolios and projects will be convened and documented by the CTE and the IDEA-affiliated faculty.

Eligibility and Other Requirements
  • IDEA is open to any student admitted to a teacher education program or seeking a career in service to education or to the educational technology industry.
  • A plan of study developed with your academic advisor that includes appropriate courses in technology when possible.
  • All applicants to the program will be admitted, regardless of their experience. Selection of projects, particularly for clients outside the College, will depend on the readiness of the apprentice.