IDEA utilizes partners from university, school, community, and corporate levels to support its mission of providing context and opportunity for future technology leaders.

What does it mean to be an IDEA partner? Simple: It means that the advancement of technology in teaching and learning is a central part of your mission and that you have ongoing opportunities and needs for which IDEA apprentices can fulfill and support. As part of a partner’s ongoing commitment to IDEA, the CTE will provide designated space on the IDEA web site and will design services and opportunities tuned to your needs and capacities and needs. Partners will have a voice in the events and activities of IDEA and will receive regular communications. Partners can also be sponsors, mentors, and clients.

Academic Partners

IDEA is not an academic program. IDEA is a pre-professional support network, opportunity broker, and an achievement recognition framework. ALL STUDENTS IN ALL ACADEMIC PROGRAMS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN! IDEA is designed to support students in any program by offering sustainable opportunities for pre-professional experiences that complement academic projects. The course suggestions for IDEA are up to the student’s academic advisor. The CTE and its partners have numerous opportunities for students to get involved in ways that can be negotiated with program faculty. While ALL teacher education programs should find relevance and opportunity in IDEA, there are three academic programs that the IDEA most readily supports: The Elementary Education Technology Concentration and, in Educational Studies, the EDTEC Minor and the Computer Education License.

Elementary Education. Dr. Susan Tancock, Professor of Elementary Education, is the IDEA liaison to Elementary Education and the co-creator of IDEA. She recommends the following courses for Elementary Education majors:
  • EDRDG 445 as the first course (other courses maybe considered at the discretion of your advisor or the department chair).
  • EDEL 490 as an independent study taught during the summers

Community Partners

Muncie Public Library provides ongoing opportunities for university students interesting in conducting computer training opportunities at one or more Muncie library.

Ball State Indianapolis Center is the outreach hub for the CTE in the center of the State. Apprentices in IDEA will have frequent opportunities to contribute to the professional development and outreach services of the CTE as they develop school and vendor contacts at the CTE Showcase in Indianapolis (coming soon).

University Partners

Building Better Communities is both a partner for opportunities for IDEA apprentices and the University’s organizational framework for outreach to communities more generally. The CTE works closely with Ball State’s BBC office to develop formal immersive learning projects and contract projects.