There are numerous critical technologies that can be supported with IDEA and lead to immersive learning opportunities for future teachers and school technology leaders:

Interactive Teaching Technologies. This includes digital whiteboards, clickers, tablets, smartphones, and related devices that foster student engagement in classrooms. The CTE provides these types of devices for training and demonstration purposes in teacher education and schools.

Digital Portfolios. K-12 schools are adopting digital portfolios as part of their performance assessment goals. Ball State is a nationally known leader in digital portfolio technologies and pedagogies.

Video Reflection. This consists of a spectrum of technologies and methods that incorporate digital video in content production with and for K-12 teachers and students, teacher education practicum courses, and student teaching. The CTE has enhanced its capacity in this area and is coordinating services with Teachers College and partner schools.

Visual Learning and Literacy. This includes supporting the training and instruction with tools like Inspiration in teacher education. The CTE has renewed its grant with Inspiration for free access to their software for professional development.

Digital Media Ubiquity. This includes the development of digital content and its distribution via many means, including podcasts, Apps, and virtual environments. The CTE iStudio has enhanced its range of services and equipment to help incubate this initiative.

Assessment Literacy. Using new models and technologies for performance assessment, and combined with foundational skills with tests and measurements, Teachers College is well positioned to engage IDEA fellows in building a pedagogy and infrastructure to scale up the critical mission of assessment in teacher education.

STEM Technologies. Using a new collection of computing probeware within the CTE, STEM projects can be pursued at all grade levels in teacher education.