The portfolio review is the foundation of the IDEA initiative. Apprentices must maintain a digital portfolio of their achievements and their relationship to professional standards for educational technology. As a voluntary effort, recognition of the apprentices’ Digital Educator’s Portfolio will be aligned to NETS for Teachers and reviewed in the student’s final semester. The following types of artifacts are possible in IDEA:
  1. Deployment/infusion of a new technology in an instructional context.
  2. Content development of educational resources in the form of a DVD, a web site or other media.
  3. Training and professional development projects.
  4. Sustained support for a CTE/TC technology service for one semester. This might be a web site, a service, or similar type of effort that serves a wide enough audience to warrant frequent and meaningful involvement of the apprentice.
  5. Field-based projects with student learners.

Courses (Recommended):
IDEA is designed to support the development of teachers assessed using the NETS-T framework. IDEA is also designed to complement course instruction and professional programs in educational technology.