Here is the first pass at some questions we have received from folks so far about IDEA. If you have a question about IDEA, contact us.

What is IDEA?
IDEA is a framework for immersive learning opportunities with the capacities to support students in the pursuit of those and a recognition process to document the successful completion of projects aligned to professional standards and marketable competencies. Read more about the goals, frameworks, and processes that make IDEA work.

Is IDEA an immersive learning initiative?
Yep. It is not a whole immersive learning course, or a Fellows experience, but it does not exclude those as being part of students’s experiences. In fact, “traditional” notions of Ball State’s immersive learning initiative fit perfectly with IDEA. IDEA is more of a longitudinal immersive learning framework for on-demand, student driven immersive learning opportunities.

Is IDEA an academic program?
No. IDEA is not an academic program but an organizational vehicle to which any academic program can leverage immersive learning projects that require sustainable technology resources, inter-disciplinary knowledge transfer, and infrastructure. IDEA’s competencies are based on NETS for Teachers, a required set of competencies for all candidates in teacher education. Almost like a student organization, IDEA is a cooperative of immersive learning opportunities for students to choose as part of their own professional interests or as complements to their coursework.

What does it mean that IDEA is an opportunity vehicle?
Answer: An opportunity vehicle is a framework of shared resources, processes, and commitments that, in this case, the CTE facilitates to enable students, faculty, clients, and partners to advance their distinct immersive learning goals for mutual benefits.

IDEA looks somewhat like a student club/organization. Is it?
In a way, yes. IDEA takes the everyday collaborations that like-minded students do in the course of their academic endeavors and provides some resources, processes, and commitments, and recognitions that pre-professional organizations have.

Why did you create IDEA?
IDEA was always here, we just didn’t have a name for it. It has a long history in many forms. A spark occurred in the Fall of 2009 when Dr. Susan Tancock, Dr. Mike Modesitt, and Dr. Matthew Stuve were trying to figure out how to connect a need to infuse interactive white boards in teacher education while supporting student interest in service learning projects.