IDEA has been happening for a decade in Teachers College in various forms and among various faculty. IDEA formalizes these activities. Below is just a sampling of some of the projects from the past. IDEA will have a web site where all faculty and student can submit their projects from the past and present. In almost all cases below, the projects started in a class and, by the very nature of the project and the students, the projects continued after the course was over. In some cases, the project was extended to other courses and in two cases, the project was presented at conferences or received national recognition. Almost all projects meet all criteria of Ball State’s Immersive Learning Initiative. All the projects required the resources and capacities of the iStudio (in its various forms over the years) to incubate student discovery and/or to provide sustainable infrastructure to the project and its presence in the schools and communities.

Curriculum Integration
Quilting Then and Now (2002-03). Two teams of students spanning two semesters of EDTEC 350 co-developed a first grade teaching unit on quilting that involved student use of geometric design software and videography of quilting storytelling. The apprentices were instrumental is lab and software setup, direct instruction of students, and facilitation of the teachers’ pedagogy in a project that had a public web exhibit.

Visual and Digital Literacy
Youth Media Clubs (2005; 2007). Students in two distinct teams from EDTEC 365 and 485 developed processes and resources for teachers and high school students to produce videos in schools and podcasts in the Boys and Girls club.

School Infrastructure and Leadership
Teachers’ Classroom Content Management Systems (2005, 2006, 2008). In two different occasions, teams of students worked with area schools to research, design, and implement content management systems for schools in which teachers can easily construct web content to share with their students and their students’ parents.

Research and Media Production
Autism Videography (2008). A graduate student in EDTEC 690 developed an autism awareness DV and research protocol and for videotaping autistic students in classrooms. The former project resulted in a DVD distributed by a state agency; the latter was utilized in undergraduate instruction and graduate research.

Technology in Teacher Education
Relational Portfolio Project (2006-10). Students in EDTEC 360 and 480 (internship) evaluated portfolio production options and developed tested, and presented a new model and method for constructing digital portfolios in teacher education. That model was adopted by Ball State and presented at international academic conferences.