Looking for immersive learning projects in teaching and learning technologies?

The mission of IDEA is to engage undergraduate students as apprentices in a sustainable community of practice with mentored, immersive technology challenges in university, school, and community contexts. The goals of IDEA are:
  1. Increase immersive learning opportunities for students in all academic programs.
  2. Elevate the expertise of teacher educators and practicing teachers in their use and integration of technology.
  3. Promote the achievements of the apprentices in order to distinguish them in the job market.
  4. Extend the presence and impact of Teachers College in schools and communities. Learn more about IDEA.

Who Should Join IDEA?

  • Future teachers interested in building a resume of real-world technology projects.
  • Faculty interested in utilizing the resources of the CTE in outreach projects in schools.
  • In-service educators interested in mentoring future teachers or serving as their clients.
  • Schools, community agencies, technology vendors, and others interested in partnering with Teachers College on sustainable technology collaborations. Learn more about the roles in IDEA.
Benefits to Students
  • Documentation for successful completion pre-professional technology projects.
  • Professional connections to the CTE’s school, community, and corporate partners.
  • Opportunities for scholarships and to attend conferences.
  • Longitudinal support for skills development.
  • Access to emerging technologies.
  • Opportunities for contracted projects when possible. Learn more about IDEA.