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Digital Learning Series

Starting on February 1, 2012: Digital Learning Day!


The CTE Digital Learning Series Presents:

Teaching in a Virtual School:
The Hoosier Academies

February 1, 2012
3 to 5 PM
AJ 175

Students, teachers and administrators from the Hoosier Academies, a public charter school in Indianapolis and Muncie, will present their online school, how it works, how teachers and students interact, and what digital content and teaching looks like in a virtual school. See the agenda and meet the speakers and guest facilitators.

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The CTE Digital Learning Series are events and opportunities to promote discourse and action on online learning and digital content in K-12 schools and teacher education. Our goals are to:
  • Introduce examples and models of virtual schools, online learning and digital content/curriculum.
  • Organize research and development opportunities for teacher education and K-12 schools.
  • Establish sustainable communities of practice with an agenda to influence school improvement, teacher education, and teacher professional development.