CTE Summer Digital Learning Conference 2012:
Last Update: July 22


The Ball State Center for Technology in Education (CTE), in partnership with the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) and the Ball State Indianapolis Center, invites you to an exciting conference about teaching and learning in a virtual school. Anchored by presentations from teachers and administrators from the Hoosier Academies and the Achieve Virtual Education Academy, the conference asks the question: What does online teaching and learning look like in virtual schools?

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM: Sign-in and Refreshments
Location: Indy Center Storefront. Coffee and continental breakfast will be available. Attendees need to sign in and choose their 3:00 PM breakout sessions (first come, first served). Exhibits and sponsors will be available in the CTE Showcase area of the Indy Center Storefront.

9:00 to 10:00 AM: OPENING SESSION

Meridian Room, Second Floor

9:00 AM
Matthew Stuve, Director, CTE and Associate Professor of Educational Psychology

Welcome Message:
Monica Cougan, Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration

9:15 to 10:00 AM: Keynote Speaker :
Michael Gorman, Southwest Allen County Schools

Flipping Learning or Flipping Instruction? ... Is There a Virtual Plan? The Flip idea can really turn learning upside down in more ways than one? Discover ways it works in a blended classroom while gaining a perspective of how it can impact online learning that is always flipped... or so you thought! Together we will investigate and contemplate what might work best for various classrooms in regard to the flip concept. You will leave with a better definition, resources to explore, and tools. Best of all, you will discover how to incorporate Bloom’s higher order thinking skills and blend the learning environment. You may just begin to Flip your idea of what Flipping really is!


Meridian Room, Second Floor

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The Future of Education: Understanding Online Learning. The staff of Hoosier Academies will help educators understand, embrace, and unlock the potential of online learning. Through an overview of the history of Hoosier Academies and their growth, the presenters will help audience members understand the power of online learning in not only fully virtual applications, but also in a traditional school setting.

Presented by Melissa DeWitt, Elizabeth Tinder, Shannon Hare, Laura Carnes, Danielle Blewett and Bethany Moore


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Box lunches will be provided on the first floor storefront and participants are invited to gather at tables in the storefront as well as in the workshop rooms on the second floor. Sponsors will have kiosk content in the workshop rooms and exhibit floor and may choose to conduct informal demonstrations during lunch. Other exhibitors will be available during lunch.

1:00 to 2:50 PM: ACHIEVE ACADEMY

Meridian Room, Second Floor

1:00 to 2:00 PM: It’s Easy to Engage Students with My Big Campus and assign the NROC Resources
Libby Lawrie, Virtual Education Specialist for the Achieve Virtual Academy of MSD of Wayne Township

My Big Campus is the fully monitored, social learning platform where you can access and share resources, including NROC learning objects. Join this session to learn how the all-in-one collaboration tools can bring the web 2.0 tools together in one place to help you: avoid the copier with online assignments and quizzes, communicate with everyone through groups, access files from anywhere, engage more students, and enforce good digital citizenship. Engage, collaborate and communicate with your students or other teachers in the blended or virtual environment with MBC.

Everyone will: get a tour of the tools; learn how others are using the site; and find out how easy it is to create, collaborate, communicate and share bundles of digital content and assessments for lessons, textbook replacement, and professional development.

2:00 to 2:50 PM: Achieve Virtual Education Academy
Pete Just, Chief Technology Officer for MSD of Wayne Township


Meridian Room (25 people, max)
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    Discover the Possibilities of Videoconferencing – Virtual experiences for your Students. Monica Cougan, Doug Meyer, and Tonia Carriger, CILC.
    This session will lead you to identify uses of IVC and other collaborative tools that align with your organization's mission and goals connecting your students to live two-way interactive virtual learning experiences. Meet experts in science, history, and the arts who engage your students in relevant conversations and experiences. During this session, we will connect with The Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska to meet their education staff and learn how they support classroom experiences. Learn about the CILC Collaboration Center and connect with students around the world.

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    Darin Trobaugh, Alaska Sea Life Center. The Alaska SeaLife Center is a world-class marine science facility that combines a research mission with an animal rescue and rehabilitation program and public education. The center incorporates exhibits that immerse the visitor in the marine ecosystem of Alaska and provide opportunities to view animals in naturalistic habitats and research settings.

Maryland Room (18 people, max)
  • Teaching Online Reading Comprehension. Tara Kingsley, Indiana University - Kokomo. The purpose of this session is to provide practicing teachers, teacher educators, and technology leaders with successful ways of promoting online reading comprehension instruction across the curriculum. This presentation will address the importance of integrating new literacies instruction and provide examples as to how teachers can best teach the new literacies skills of 1) questioning, 2) searching, 3) locating information, 4) synthesizing, and 5) communicating information to teaching reading comprehension with online texts.

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    Summer R.O.C.K.S. = Reducing Summer Learning Loss Program. Maria Esterline and Dave Mundy, Westfield Washington Schools. Summer retention is a hot topic. With this summer enrichment program, we have found a cost effective and data driven way to address summer learning loss. The goal of Summer R.O.C.K.S. is to provide an avenue of learning for students outside the classroom walls and in the comfort of their own home through various challenging activities that will enrich their minds as they prepare for the next grade level with confidence. Through fun, interactive activities, this online summer program focuses on promoting retention of information that can have a profound effect on student learning.

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Atrium Room (10 people, max)
  • Hands-on Demonstration: Hoosier Academies and K12.com

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CTE Showcase Area in the Indy Center Storefront (10 people, max):
  • My Big Campus Hands-on Session (bring your own device): In this session, attendees will build content bundles to share with students. Learn how to engage, collaborate and communicate with your students or other teachers in the blended, flipped or virtual classrooms. Secondary educators can also learn how to integrate the NROC content.


Enjoy appetizers and refreshments in Indy Center first floor “storefront”. Invite other educators to join us and visit with exhibitors.



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An eLearning Regional Conference funded in part by the Indiana Department of Education.