CTE Summer Digital Learning Conference 2012:
Organizers and Acknowledgements

In addition to the presenters, we wish to acknowledge the following people and organizations that made this conference possible:

Sponsored By:

  • Funding for this event was provided in part by the Indiana Department of Education.
  • Title sponsors: k12.com and Lightspeed Systems
  • Other support (capacities and in-kind) was provided by the CTE and the CILC.

Produced By:

  • Director: Dr. Matthew Stuve, Director, CTE
  • Grant Co-Author and Project Manager: Ms. Laura Suero, Graduate Assistant, CTE
  • Assistant Project Managers: Ms. Sarah Braun and Ms. Melissa Travis, Graduate Assistants, CTE
  • EPIC Assessment Academy, represented by Dr. Megan Noel, teacher consultant
  • Ms. Kelly Favory and the Indianapolis Center staff
  • The staff of the Office of the Dean (Sondra, Lisa, Julie, Melissa) and Educational Psychology (Penny, Linda, GAs)
  • The staff of Building Better Communities (Delaina, Krista, Suzie)

Special Thanks To:

  • Ms. Candice Dodson, Mr. Yancy Unger, and Dr. John Keller from the Indiana DOE for their support of technology outreach to schools.
  • Dr. John Jacobson, Dean of Teachers College, for his continued support of the CTE.
  • Dr. Laurie Mullen, Associate Dean, Teachers College, for initial leadership of virtual schools outreach and infusion in Teachers College.
  • Dr. Susan Tancock, Professor of Education, Ball State University, for her support of the online learning research and CTE initiatives.
  • Ms. Sheryl Proctor, Master Teacher, Hoosier Academies Virtual School, for her support of virtual field experiences and initial conference design.
  • Dr. Judy Miller, Director of the Office of Teacher Education Services, for her support of virtual field experiences and CTE initiatives.
  • Mr. Ball State (a.k.a. Al Rent), Director of Relationship Marketing and Community Relations, for swag and never-ending motivation. Chirp! Chirp!

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An eLearning Regional Conference funded in part by the Indiana Department of Education.