TCOM 408 - Med Ethics Soc Responsibility

Political, economic, social, and governmental influences on telecommunications. Examines contemporary issues that confront media today and the ethics surrounding them. Prerequisite: pre-telecommunications core courses with C (2.0) or better grades in each, and a 2.5 grade-point average for these courses; senior standing. Open only to approved telecommunications majors and minors.

College: Commun., Info. and Media
Hours: 3
Permission: Y
Prerequisite: TCOM 207
Prerequisite: TCOM 204
Prerequisite: TCOM 101
Prerequisite: TCOM 208
Prerequisite: TCOM 284
Prerequisite: TCOM 206
Prerequisite: JOUR 101
Prerequisite: NEWS 109
Prerequisite: NEWS 105
Co-requisite: none