TCOM 345 - Adv Media Sales and Promotion

Study of media buying, TV ratings, media math, target media, station Web sales and integration, salesperson accountability, planning and projections, transition to management, case studies, copy and storyboards, presentation building, and execution. Prerequisite: pre-telecommunications core courses with C (2.0) or better grades in each, and a 2.5 grade-point average for these courses; TCOM 340, 344. Open only to approved telecommunications majors and minors.

College: Commun., Info. and Media
Hours: 3
Permission: Y
Prerequisite: TCOM 208
Prerequisite: TCOM 207
Prerequisite: TCOM 204
Prerequisite: TCOM 101
Prerequisite: TCOM 206
Prerequisite: TCOM 284
Prerequisite: JOUR 101
Prerequisite: TCOM 340
Prerequisite: TCOM 344
Prerequisite: NEWS 105
Prerequisite: NEWS 109
Co-requisite: none