NUR 406 - Nurs and Childbrng Fams

Applies professional role as provider, designer, manager, and coordinator of care with women and childbearing families in a variety of settings. Applies strategies for health promotion, risk reduction, and disease prevention with diverse childbearing families. Prerequisite: HSC 180; NUR 322, 340, 370;PSYS 241 or SOC 382; departmental permission. Parallel: NUR 402, 404. Open only to baccalaureate nursing majors. *See the Fees bulletin for information about possible fees to cover insurance and additional costs for laboratory courses in nursing.

College: College of Health
Hours: 4
Permission: Y
Prerequisite: NUR 322
Prerequisite: NUR 340
Prerequisite: NUR 370
Prerequisite: NUR 402
Prerequisite: PSYS 241
Prerequisite: NUR 404
Prerequisite: SOC 382
Prerequisite: NUR 314
Co-requisite: none