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MUSE 350 - Contemporary Issues Music Ed

Observation and application of specialized music teaching techniques and curricular issues in ensemble and small group settings. Emphasizes performance-based assessment, classroom management, continued portfolio development, cooperative learning strategies, reflective evaluation, and critical thinking skills. Prerequisite: C or better grades in MUSE 100, 150, 351, 353, 355 or 356, 375 or 376; MUSP 290; permission of the director of the school.

College: Fine Arts
Hours: 2
Permission: Y
Prerequisite: MUSE 150
Prerequisite: MUSE 355
Prerequisite: MUSE 376
Prerequisite: MUSE 356
Prerequisite: MUSE 353
Prerequisite: MUSP 290
Prerequisite: MUSE 351
Prerequisite: MUSE 375
Prerequisite: MUSE 100
Co-requisite: none