MGT 491 - Bus Policy and Strategy Mgt

Integration of various functional areas of business. Development and administration of strategy and policy in private and public sector organizations. Case studies focus on strategic decisions that enable an organization to relate effectively to its industrial, national, and international environments. Normally taken during the last semester of a student's program. Prerequisite: senior standing; completion of all Miller College of Business core classes including BL 260, FIN 300, ISOM 249, 351, MGT 300, MKG 300. No simultaneous enrollment allowed.

College: Miller College of Business
Hours: 3
Permission: Y
Prerequisite: FIN 300
Prerequisite: ISOM 351
Prerequisite: MGT 300
Prerequisite: BL 260
Prerequisite: MKG 300
Prerequisite: ISOM 249
Prerequisite: ISOM 135
Prerequisite: ECON 221
Prerequisite: MATH 166
Prerequisite: ECON 201
Prerequisite: ACC 202
Prerequisite: ECON 202
Prerequisite: MATH 132
Prerequisite: ACC 201
Prerequisite: MATH 165
Prerequisite: MATH 162
Prerequisite: MATH 161
Prerequisite: ISOM 210
Co-requisite: none