MBA 601 - Entrepreneurial Leadership

Assessment of each student's personal ethics, decision making, motivation, communication, team building, and leadership characteristics followed by creation of a personal development plan. Emphasis on application of current leadership theories to leading innovation and managing operations within an entrepreneurial organization. Ethical reasoning is taught in three modules: 1) critical thinking for ethical decision making; 2) ethical theories and frameworks; 3) corporate social responsibility. Prerequisite: full admission to a graduate program in the Miller College of Business; ISOM 551; MGT 500; or their equivalents. Open only to Miller College of Business students or by permission of the Miller College of Business director of graduate programs.

College: Miller College of Business
Hours: 3
Permission: Y
Prerequisite: MGT 500
Prerequisite: ISOM 551
Prerequisite: MGT 300
Prerequisite: ISOM 351
Co-requisite: none