MAST 600 - Masters Candidate

After receiving approval for RES 697 or THES 698, all masterís degree candidates must be registered each semester during the academic year. If not registering for a course or courses, the candidate will register for MAST 600 Masterís Candidate for a fee of $75. Before degree conferral, registration and subsequent payment for MAST 600 are mandatory for students who have not registered for MAST 600 during required semesters. Registration in MAST 600 is not required during the summer. Registration in MAST 600 will give the masterís candidate the rights and privileges of a regular student. A master's candidate may also take MAST 600 under other circumstances when not registered for a course or courses--for instance, while working off an incomplete grade--with the approval of the candidate's committee chairperson, the department advisor, and the dean of the Graduate School. Offered credit/no-

College: Graduate School
Hours: 0
Permission: Y
Co-requisite: none
Prerequisite: none