Slides Contributed by Daniel Wubah

  1. Multiflagellate zoospore, Neocallimastix sp.

  2. Different types of thalli, Neocallimastix sp.

  3. DAPI-stained pair of mature thallus with spherical zoosporangium,
      Neocallimastix sp.

  4. Zoospore release, Neocallimastrix sp.

  5. SEM of RS with zoospores attached to the surface

  6. Piromyces communis: A mature thallus with zoosporangium

  7. Orpinomyces sp.: Multiflagellate zoospore

  8a. Orpinomyces sp.: Sessile zoosporangium with erumpent papilla
        (growing on sisal fiber)

  8b. Orpinomyces sp: SEM of empty zoosporangium after release

  9. Caecomyces communis: A mature unisporangiate thallus
      (endogenous development)

10. Caecomyces communis: A multisporangiate thallus
      (exogenous development)

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