Slides Contributed by Michael Tansey

1. Pythium (humor)

2. Grotesque person/Little Orphan Annie
    Recreational use of hallucinogenic mushrooms (humor).

3. Finger in dike
    Importance of diagnosis prior to treatment (humor).

4. Amerospores/American flag (humor)

5. Johnathon Livingston Sporangium (humor)

6. Convex/concave mushrooms (humor)

7. Stilbella (humor)

8. Man of couch/spore size (humor)

9. Hallucinating mycology student (humor)

10. Beetle slept under bolete (humor)

11. Need for closer look for diagnosis (humor)

12. Falling leaf/Snoopy (humor)

13. Einstein/Five Kingdoms (humor)

14. Doghouse/Pilobolus (humor)

15. Lumberjacks/Ceratocystis (humor)

16. How nature says "Do not touch." (humor)

17. Heaven/Mycologia (humor)

18. Prisoner hanging in chains/loosen culture tube caps (humor)

19. Pigs/truffles (humor)

20. Erysiphalean appendages ("touchy") (humor)

21. Giant morel on station wagon (humor)

22. Protecting asci/truffle (humor)

23. Pilobolus humor/squirt in eye (humor)

24. Turkey tail (humor)

25. Skin disease/animal on back (humor)

26. Russians/Amanita muscaria (humor)

27. Lions eating mycologist (humor)

28. Birdcage/bedtime blanket spores (humor)

29. Erysiphalean appendages ("Cindy's afro") (humor)

30. Dog on couch/Microsporum canis (humor)

31. Coprinus deliquescence/academic career (humor)

32. Coprinus pregnancy (humor)

33. Experiencing the realization that fungi have own Kingdom (humor)

34. Leopards in tree/agaricologist (humor)

35. Cystidia (humor)

36. It'll never work/interspecific love (humor)

37. "Huge fungus"/morel on old sedan (humor)

38. Word picture of mushroom (humor)

39. Student nightmare/Saccaradoan spores (humor)

40. HALLUCINATION/spelling (humor)

41. Laundromat for dermatophytes' macrospores (humor)

42. People & dog with targets/Microsporum (humor)

43. Forbidden things/loosen caps (humor)

44. Basidiospores/Mickey Mouse Club (humor)

45. Naked woman at pond/ dermatophyte on arm
      (Anyone can get dermatophytic infections.)

46. Moses with table/classification systems (humor)

47. Man with basidiomycosis/Get out in sun (humor)

48. Figment of imagination/anamorph/teleomorph (humor)

49. Basidiospore discharge/parachutes (humor)

50. Cinema/synnema (humor)

51. Alchemists/steroid biotransformation (humor)

52. Amerospore/factory reject (humor)

53. Two men at bar/anamorph-teleomorph names (humor)

54. Taxonomist's nightmare (humor)

55. End of world/learning Puccinia graminis life cycle (humor)

56. Razor blade in use by Geotrichum candidum (humor)

57. Undernourished scolecospore (humor)

58. Amerospore traffic jam (humor)

59. Four student microscopes inspecting an amerospore (humor)

60. Cowardly ballistosporemaking a landing (humor)

61. Conidium of Fusidium wearing an Angora sweater (humor)

62. Absent minded scolecospore (humor)

63. Scolecospore rollerskating (humor)

64. Elephant giving an amerospore a friendly pat (humor)

65. Amoeboid creature ingesting solid food (humor)

66. Looks like EM view of cell wall fraction,
      but is aerial view of logs on pond (humor)

67. Pollen on lake (for chytrid lectures)

68. Moldy insulation on pipes
      (From case of occupatioal allergy (desk was kirectly beneath).

69. Trichoderma viride sporulating on soil, pure culture

70. Aspergillus flavus/black pepper (humor)

71. State park guide; Indiana; symbol used for
      "mushrooming is allowed" is a morel, not an agaric

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