Slides Contributed by Fred Rhoades

1. Hypoxylon multiforme on decaying wood

2. Cordyceps myrmecophila parasitic on carpenter ants

3. Cordyceps myrmecophila parasitic on carpenter ants, closer view

4. Gyromitra californica

5. Lobaria oregana
    A canopy-dwelling foliose lichen in old growth conifer forests in the coastal
    mountains of the Pacific northwest USA. Cyanobacterial symbiont is
    responsible for fixing nitrogen and is present in internal cephalodia.
    Habitat/habit shot of a large thallus (about 1/2 metre long) along a branch
    of a 200 year-old Douglas fir, 25 metres above the ground.

6. Lobaria linita
        Cross section of thallus showing upper cortex, green algal layer, and
        cyanobacterium (Nostoc sp.) in cephalodium (duller green below)

7. Ectomycorrhiza, cross section
    Russulaceous mycorrhiza on Tsuga heterophylla (western hemlock).
    Mycorrhiza diameter is approximately 1/2 mm. This low magnification
    view shows the mantel of hyphae surrounding the host root.

8. Ectomycorrhiza, cross section, enlarged
    This higher magnification shows the Hartig net surrounding
    cortex cells, in one case being sections in "face view" in its
    position between cells "in front" and "behind" the slide.

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