Slides Contributed by Yves Renaud

1-4. Xerocomus parasiticus (Bull) Quel.
        Collected in Lorraine France in September 1987 for the Fungi Show
        of Richardmenil by the Societe Lorraine de Mycologie. (Four separate slides)
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13-14. Leucocoprinus cretatus.
        On a pile of stable-litter, near VEXELISE 54 (M&M) France; Alt: 300m.
        Collected by Mr. Morcel (Societe Lorraine de Mycologie Nancy) (Two slides)
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15. Russula lepida Fr. with some Cantharellus cibarius at the back
        Collected: Bolis Mortaison Forest of Vitrimont BLAINVILLE 54 (M&M)
        France in September 1987. Alt: 250m

16. Tricholoma aurantium (Sch) Ricken
        Collected by the Societe Lorraine de Mycologie for the Fungi Show
        of Nancy in October 1982.

17. Clitocybe arantiaca Studer
        Mixed forest (Leafy/Conifers) Bois Mortaison Forest of Vitrimont,
        BLAINVILLE 54 (M&M) France. Collected in October 1987; Alt:250m

18. Cortinarius bolaris (Pers) Fries
        Same forest as no. 17. Autumn 1982.

19. Cortinarius semisanguineus (Fr) Gill.
        Same forest as no. 17.

20. Young Cortinarius violaceus (L) Fr.
        Forest of leafy between CHARMES and St. Remy-Aux-Bois 88 (Vosges) France.
        Boils de la Justice; Alt:280m

23. Lycoperdon mammiforme (L. velatum) Persoon
        Leafy forest - Charmes/Damas 88 (Vosges) France; August 14 1988.

24. Sarcoscypha coccinea (Jacq) Lamb.
        Collected in January 1983 near Lay St. Christopher near Nancy, France;
        Alt: 382m

25. Schizophylum commune (L.) Fr.
        Collected Bois Mortaison, Forest of Vitrimont, BLAINVILLE; Alt:250m

26. Rhodophyllus cuculatus
        Same location as no. 25.

27. Collybia cirrhata (Pers) Kum.
        Same location as no. 25.

28. Sropharia squamosa (Pers) Quel.

29. Exidia glandulosa (truncata) (Fr.)
        Collect in January 1980; Dead wood; Bois-Mortaison, Forest of Vitrimont,
        BLANVILLE54 (M&M) France; Alt:250m

30. Pulcherricium caeruleum (Lam.) Terrana
        Collected October 1982, same forest as no. 29.

31. Spines of Sarcodon imbricatum (L) Karst.
        Collected October 1981 by a visitor of the Fungi show of the Societe Lorraine
        de Mycologie Nancy 54 (France)

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