Slides Contributed by Charles Mims

I. Myxomycetes
   1. Myxomycetes, TEM, precleavage sporangium

  2. Myxomycetes, TEM, cytoplasm precleavage sporangium

  3. Myxomycetes, TEM, developing capillitial thread

  4. Myxomycetes, TEM, young spore initial

  5. Myxomycetes, TEM, young spore with surface spines

  6. Myxomycetes, TEM, mature spore

  7. Myxomycetes, TEM, mature spores in sporangium

  8. Myxomycetes, TEM, early spore germination

  9. Myxomycetes, TEM, late spore germination

10. Myxomycetes, TEM, anterior end of swarm cell

II. Rusts and Smuts
11. Rust, SEM, aecium with aeciospores

12. Rust, SEM, section of aecium

13. Rust, SEM, chains of aeciospores

14. Rust, SEM, chains of aeciospores

15. Rust, SEM, chain of aeciospores

16. Rust, SEM, uredinium with urediniospores

17. Rust, SEM, uredinium with urediniospores

18. Rust, SEM, uredinium with urediniospores

19. Rust, SEM, developing urediniospores

20. Rust, SEM, urediniospores

21. Rust, SEM, urediniospore with pedicel

22. Rust, TEM, urediniospore with pedicel

23. Rust, SEM, telium with teliospores

24. Rust, SEM, mass of teliospores

25. Rust, SEM, teliospore with pedicel

26. Rust, SEM,  teliospores with pedicels, early germination

27. Rust, SEM,  germinating teliospore

28. Rust, SEM,  four-celled basidium

29. Rust, SEM,  four-celled basidium with sterigmata

30. Rust, SEM,  basidiospores

31. Rust, SEM,  urediniospores germling with appressorium

32. Rust, TEM, intercellular hypha

33. Rust SEM, haustorium (host cell contents removed)

34. Rust, TEM, neck band of haustorium

35. Smut, TEM, intercellular hypha between host cells

36. Smut, TEM, intercellular hypha

37. Smut, TEM, teliospore

III. Other Basidiomycetes
38. TEM, dikaryotic basidium

39. TEM, basidiospores/sterigmata

40. TEM, basidiospore, hilar region

41. TEM, basidiospore, hilar region

42. SEM, basidial basidiospores

43. SEM, basidial basidiospores

44. SEM, gasteromycete basidiospores

45. SEM, hilar region, gasteromycete basidiospore

46. SEM, developing pores of polypore

47. SEM, developing pores of polypore

48. SEM, mature pores of polypore

49. SEM, basidia, basidiospores of polypore

50. SEM, hyphae

IV. Ascomycetes
51. SEM, developing conidiophores of Aspergillus

52. SEM, mature conidiophores of Aspergillus

53. TEM, conidiophore of Aspergillus

54. TEM, conidiophore/conidia of Aspergillus

55. TEM, dikaryotic ascus mother cell

56. TEM, fusion nucleus, ascus

57. TEM, developing ascus

58. TEM, synaptonemal complexes, meiotic ascus nucleus

59. TEM, ascospore initial

60. TEM, developing ascospore/epiplasm

61. TEM, filiform ascospores in ascus

62. TEM, young ascospores in ascus

63. TEM, maturing ascospore in ascus

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