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BSU Interdepartmental Minor in Energy

Funding: Internal
Year: 1989 to present
Contact: R. Koester

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Working with the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, CERES helped to restructure an existing departmental minor in energy with the goal of making energy-related education more accessible and attractive to more students campus-wide. The 21-hour minor is available to all Ball State students as an interdepartmental program. It is intended to give students an understanding of energy issues within their own areas of academic specialization and a grasp of how those issues relate to other aspects of our world as a complement to their primary areas of study. The minor is flexible in structure, allowing students to "design" a minor to fit, as closely as possible, their academic majors and personal interests.

In addition to complementing students' career skills, the minor is designed to increase students' awareness of energy's role in their personal lifestyles. This component of the minor makes it particularly attactive to students who are especially sensitive to and concerned about their own effect upon society and the environment.

CERES continues to offer support to this program. This occasionally has taken the form of financial support to departments for teaching energy-related courses. The center's staff also offers specialized advising services to students interested in this minor as well as access to the technical equipment and resources of CERES.

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Interdepartmental Minor in Energy
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