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Ball State University
Feedback From Parents

"*Peter's learning disabilities have been so severe that he could not get by without very significant support. We can tell Peter that he is bright but I know camp this summer allowed him to experience learning where his disabilities were not a major barrier. He was a real member of the group without special accommodations. It was a powerful experience that continues to boost his self-image and allows him to value what he is good at. He was able to use his wonderful insights and imagination without the barriers of his disability."

*Name changed

2009 Theme: Reactions

Camp Discoveries is returning to one of our most popular themes, "REACTIONS!" Campers will explore physical, chemical, emotional, and social reactions through experiments in art and science.

They will work together to complete open-solution problems that are both hands-on and engaging. From paintings of cartoon explosions to staging cool chemical reactions, this year's activities will challenge our campers to use their talents, learn new things, be creative, make friends, and have fun!