Miller College of Business
Mike Goldsby Distinguished Lecture Series Successful Entrepreneurs: Artists, Scientists, Evangelists, and Philosopher Kings
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5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Forum Room, Student Center
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Current Students
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This distinguished professor lecture discusses the four personas successful entrepreneurs exhibit. When figuring out their product, they are artists; when they build their businesses, they are scientists; and when they convince others to join their cause, they are evangelists. But the wildly successful entrepreneurs who build empires are the modern version of Aristotle’s philosopher kings. Dr. Michael G. Goldsby explains why these personas matter, and how the audience can embody the perspectives in their own lives. Dr. Mike Goldsby is the Stoops Distinguished Professor and Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Center/Program at Ball State University. He has taught entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation in the University's nationally ranked undergraduate and graduate programs in entrepreneurship. Dr. Goldsby is a prolific scholar and has produced 33 refereed journal articles and has recently published a book entitled “Innovation Acceleration.” He has also recently collaborated on a book chapter. His articles have appeared in international as well as domestic journals. His article on entrepreneurship and fitness in the Journal of Small Business Management was reported by ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, the Associated Press, and many other international outlets. His article in the Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship was selected the 2005 winner of the Paul Hershey Award for best paper in the journal. Dr. Goldsby holds degrees in business, economics, and strategic management from Indiana University, Indiana State University, and Virginia Tech. He previously taught at the University of Southern Indiana before taking his position at Ball State University. He is a member of many management professional organizations, and has served as the Vice President of Corporate Entrepreneurship and a board member of United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), of which he received a distinguished service award. His current research interests focus on applying creativity to business concept development and entrepreneurship. Dr. Goldsby writes on design and innovation in the entrepreneurial process. He is the recipient of the Federal Laboratory Consortium Outstanding Partner award. He also is a frequent speaker and offers consulting and workshop services. Reception is immediately following.