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Relationship Selling: The Key to Excelling in a Competitive Environment
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2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
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The lifeline of todayís organization is repeat business. Professional salespeople must build long-term relationships and grow a customer over time. Long-term relationships are more profitable and replacing lost customers is an arduous task. Understanding why buyers buy and what buyers are looking for in a salesperson are critical to a salespersonís success. Creating authentic dialogue with the buyer should be the goal of every sales call. In this webinar, you will learn specific strategies for developing long-term relationships with your prospects and clients. The program will examine the following topics: Why salespeople want to crete relationships The five stages of the relationship ladder Types of relationships The six relationship builders What buyers look for in salespeople Why buyers buy Why no second meeting Six silent questions...Thought, but seldom spoken How using authentic dialogue will leave a lasting impresion on your buyer The top ten attributes of a successful salesperson