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My Performance, My Productivity
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8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
LA Pittenger Student Center SC303
Faculty and Professional Personnel
Staff and Service Personnel
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You’re committed to your position, and focused on developing the competencies necessary to do it well. Yet your performance appraisal doesn’t reflect what you think it should. What happened? How can you conduct productive discussions with your boss to help your performance stay on track? What steps should you take to ensure your commitment is evident, and future appraisals align with the performance you’d both like to see? Come to this session with your most pressing questions, and be ready to engage in interactive discussion and exercises designed to examine barriers preventing your maximum performance and productivity; and provide you with information and tools for both. Participants will: 1. Examine and understand barriers that prevent high performance and productivity. 2. Practice having difficult, but productive performance discussions with their boss 3. Learn how to say no to their boss effectively, when necessary. 3. Develop a plan to sustain what they have learned.
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Jerry Winans
(765) 285-1819