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Susan Werner
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7:30 PM
Pruis Hall
Please visit or call the Emens box office for details (765) 285-1539.
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Susan Werner has cultivated a reputation as a daring and innovative songwriter with a killer live show - and we're thrilled to welcome her back! Composer of skillful songs that effortlessly slide between folk, jazz and pop, Susan delivers all with sassy wit and classic Midwestern charm. She boldly endeavors to weave old with new to create altogether new genres of music when existing ones do not suit her muse, and she regularly keeps audiences guessing and laughing simultaneously. Throughout her expansive career, boundless versatility has emerged as a hallmark of Werner's talent, and pure genius in capturing the human experience and setting it to music, and those who were lucky enough to see her on her last journey to Muncie were clamoring for more. Well, we delivered!
Contact Information
Emens Box Office
(765) 285-1539