President Jo Ann M. Gora
President Jo Ann M. Gora
Welcome to BeneFacta 2005!

This issue spotlights a sampling of activity in the arts and humanities at Ball State University. These endeavors--representing some of our finest work, keenest minds, and outstanding capabilities--elevate the campus from the everyday to the profound.

From the groundbreaking achievements of digital artist John Fillwalk, to the enterprising outreach activities of our music educators, to the thoughtful inquiry of Emerson scholar Robert Habich, these contributions speak to the excellence of Ball State.

Without the commitment of the state of Indiana and the largesse of benefactors such as David and Mary Jane Sursa, we would not have the first-rate facilities that help propel us to national prominence. Likewise, the contributions of those creative academics represented here--as well as scores of their colleagues--are essential to creating the vibrant, comprehensive university that we are today.

Through the arts and humanities we underscore and bring into high relief what is important in our society. Artists and humanists raise awareness of issues we might otherwise miss, giving expression to our core values and connecting with the human spirit.

Please join me in celebrating the contributions of the arts and humanities at Ball State University, through the pages of BeneFacta.

Jo Ann M. Gora
Ball State University