Benefacta 2004: Ball State University in the Community
2003-2004: A Benchmark Year

This is an opportunity for recognizing the many faculty and professional staff members who were successful in securing funding for their research and scholarly activity during the last academic year.

Ball State University has enjoyed record levels of external funding for sponsored
projects in the recent past. Grant awards this past year totaled $24.3 million—just
short of the previous year's record. This success represents a benchmark of our
present potential and is indicative of our ability to compete successfully for
sponsored programs large and small. 

Our success is also indicative of our ability to collaborate effectively in many venues and with partners from diverse disciplines. This year's issue of BeneFacta showcases some of the exemplary work Ball State University's faculty, staff and students are carrying out in the community.

Our involvement in collaborative projects with Hoosier communities is in keeping
with the Building Better Communities initiative championed this year in our state.
By sharing our expertise, creativity, and resources, we are connecting with needful
citizens and helping to build better communities for us all.

James Pyle signature

James L. Pyle
Assistant Vice President for Research