Nonresident Early College Program

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Our deadline for Priority Admission is February 1. Following the Priority Admission application decision notifications, the Office of Admissions will utilize a rolling admission process (first-come, first-serve) until our final deadline on May 15. Please complete an application as soon as possible to be considered for admission into this innovative and diverse program.

Register for Preview Days

For more information about this innovative program for high ability, high achieving students please register to attend a Preview Day program. At Preview Day participants have the opportunity to learn more about the Indiana Academy, visit classes, tour the facilities, and meet current students, faculty, and administrators.

Each year the Indiana Academy admits approximately 25 nonresidential students to attend an intensive two-year program geared toward expanding their minds and stretching them academically. Students interested in applying to the Indiana Academy should do so during their sophomore year of high school.

Nonresident Early College Program (NECP) students are required to earn a Core 40 with Honors diploma just like our residential students. NECP students live at home and commute daily to the Indiana Academy using their own transportation. Commuting distance is left to the discretion of the student’s family.


NECP students have lockers located in Wagoner Hall, the residence hall exclusively for Indiana Academy students. Students can study, work on projects, or talk and hang-out with classmates in the lounges and study areas during the school day, evenings, and weekends too.

Whether a residential, non-residential, or international student, students come in as strangers but leave as lifelong friends.

What classes do we take?

All Indiana Academy students work toward the Core 40 with Honors diploma by taking classes taught by our nationally ranked faculty. Classes are held in the Burris Laboratory School, a K-12 school run by Ball State University, and are exclusive to Academy students. Our curriculum offers a wide range of college-level classes, Advanced Placement classes, and dual credit classes. Students will be able to earn a significant number of college credits while at the Indiana Academy.

There’s a lot to do outside the classroom!

Student Parliament, jazz band, Anime Club, Science Olympiad, Ultimate Frisbee, Yoga, Quidditch Club, Basketball, baseball, Soccer, swimming…and much, much more. Students can participate in IHSAA sports, intramural athletics, as well as a variety of other extracurricular activities.

About the Nonresident Early College Program

The Indiana Academy Nonresident Early College Program (NECP) enables high ability high school juniors and seniors who live within commuting distance of the Indiana Academy to earn both a high school Academic Honors Diploma and have the opportunity to accumulate a significant number of college credit hours from Ball State University. It is administered by the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities as an extension of its mission to serve students of high intellectual ability who demonstrate a commitment to scholarship. As the NECP is nonresidential, parents must provide for transportation of their son or daughter to and from the Indiana Academy campus. Students, who must enter as juniors, are able to enroll in courses at the Indiana Academy and Ball State University in order to meet the Academic Honors Diploma requirements and earn up to 60+ college credits over the two years.

Because the Indiana Academy is a public high school, there is no tuition cost for the NECP. The only costs are the normal book fees and other incidental fees. (See Costs) For information on Dual Credit courses and fees, click here.

Mission Statement

The Indiana Academy Nonresident Early College Program serves motivated students with an ability to succeed in college-level courses, a commitment to scholarship, and diverse cultural backgrounds through a challenging academic program that provides the opportunity to earn an Indiana Academic Honors Diploma while accumulating a significant number of college credits through Ball State University.

Admission to the NECP

For the fall of 2016, 27 students were admitted to the Indiana Academy Nonresident Early College Program. Admission is selective and based upon previous academic records, teacher recommendations, student short-answer essays, and a standardized test taken within the last six months (SAT, PSAT, PLAN, or ACT with writing).

Preview Days

Those interested in the program may visit the Indiana Academy on one of following Preview Days:

Preview/SAT Days
Monday, April 4, 2016
Monday, April 18, 2016

During these events students and their families are able tour the campus, sit in on classes, and speak with Academy administrators and faculty. Informative question and answer sessions are also included as part of the day. Please click on one of the links below to register for the Preview Day of your choice. Click here to register for a Preview Day.

If you need directions to the BSU student center where the preview days will be held, please click here.

SAT Testing

You can take the SAT at the Indiana Academy if you have not had one of the required standardized tests (SAT, PSAT, PLAN, or ACT with writing). Please Click here to register for an SAT Day.

SAT Prep Resources are available at the following sites:

The College Board -
March 2 Success -

Admissions Application and Information

Contact the Office of Admissions for information about how to apply to the NECP at 1-800-316-3163 ext. 1 or by e-mail at , or download the Admission Application including step-by-step instructions.

Application Deadlines
Priority DeadlineFebruary 1
Final DeadlineMay 15

Following the Priority Admission application decision notifications, the Office of Admissions will utilize a rolling admission process (first-come, first-serve) until our final deadline on May 15.

Graduation Requirements for the Indiana Academic Honors Diploma

All students graduating from the NECP must meet all of the requirements for an Indiana Academic Honors Diploma plus some additional requirements of the program, with the exceptions of Colloquium and Research. With the guidance of the student’s advisor and approval of the Indiana Academy Office of Academic Guidance, students may take courses at the Indiana Academy and Ball State University to meet these graduation requirements.

Indiana Academy Graduation Requirements
Class of 2017 (26.5 Academy Credits)
High School Substitutions
Courses that are not taught at the Indiana Academy which would have traditionally been taken by students as 9th or 10th graders may be taken during summer school or through other arrangements. These classes include but are not limited to: PE, Health, Fine Arts, Geometry, Algebra II, and World Civilization/World History. Approval for these substitutions should be arranged with the Academy Guidance Office.
Science:6 Credits Required
  • 2 credits in a 2-semester sequence of General Biology, General Chemistry, and General Physics, or equivalent college preparatory courses as determined by the Science Division Chair.
  • 4 credits in Laboratory Sciences must be from the Academy
Math:8 Credits Required
  • 4 credits must be from the Academy
English:8 Credits Required
  • 4 credits must be from the Academy
    • 1 credit in American Literature (Fall Semester of Junior Year)
    • 1 credit in World Literature (Spring Semester of Junior Year)
    • 2 elective credits from the Academy
Social Science:6 Credits Required
  • 4 credits must be from the Academy
    • Must have 3 credits in History (Foundations of the American Experience, American History 1, and American History 2).
    • 1 elective credit from the Academy
Foreign Language:6 or 8 Credits Required
  • If taking 1 language, a student must successfully complete 6 credits, including the Academy 302 course, in that language. Students entering the Academy with 3 years of a language may meet this requirement by demonstrating third-year proficiency on a national test.
  • If taking 2 languages, a student must earn a total of 8 credits with 4 credits in each language. For languages taken at the Academy to meet this requirement, the credits must include the successful completion of the Academy 202 course.
Fine Arts:2 Credits Required
  • Can be obtained from home high school or Academy
Health:1 Credit Required
  • Can be obtained from home high school or Academy (BSU course)
Physical Education:2 Credits Required
  • Can be obtained from home high school or Academy (BSU course)
Computing:.5 Credit Required
  • Must take CMP03301 at the Academy or test out
May Term:1 Credit Required
  • .5 credit Junior year
  • .5 credit Senior year
  • Must be obtained while attending the Academy
Minimum Credits a student must carry per semester is 5.5, though 6.5 - 7.0 credits per semester will be needed to graduate within the allotted time.

Additional Requirements for the Academic Honors Diploma

Earn a grade of a “C” or better in courses that will count toward the diploma.

Complete one of the following:

  • Earn 4 credits in 2 or more AP courses and take corresponding AP exams.
  • (Class of 2017) - Earn a combined score of 1750 or higher on the SAT critical reading, mathematics, and writing sections and a minimum score of 530 on each.
  • Earn an ACT composite score of 26 or higher and complete writing section.
  • Earn 6 verifiable transcripted college credits in dual credit courses.
  • Earn a combination of 2 credits of AP courses and corresponding AP exams AND 3 verifiable transcripted college credits through dual credit courses.

Earning College Credit

Students in the NCEP have the opportunity to earn significant amounts of college credit through Indiana Academy dual credit courses and Ball State courses. NECP students may take Ball State courses, Indiana Academy dual credit courses, or a combination of the two to complete graduation requirements. What courses to take and how many is determined by the advisor and guidance counselor after reviewing the student’s academic history and discussions with the student and his/her parents.

Students have the opportunity to accumulate up to 60+ college credits through Indiana Academy dual credit courses and appropriate Ball State courses. To receive college credit for Indiana Academy dual credit and Ball State courses, students must pay tuition. Tuition for Academy dual credit courses is $250 per course. The tuition for Ball State courses is by the credit hour and may vary yearly. In cases where there is an Indiana Academy dual credit course available, it would be taken in lieu of a comparable Ball State course.

Students may audit Ball State classes for only $55 per class for high school credit. If a student attends Ball State for one academic year, the audit will become full college credit at no additional charge.

See our course catalog for more details.


With two exceptions (Colloquium and Research), NECP students are enrolled in the same classes as Indiana Academy resident students. To develop more cohesion among a class of students from different schools, NECP students are enrolled together in American Literature and World Literature their junior year.

NECP students’ Academy classes are scheduled the same as Academy students meaning classes in the evenings and at night (both Ball State and Academy) will be available to them.

Many Academy classes require group projects or other types of group work. As a result, NECP students may have to make arrangements to participate in these activities after school hours.

On Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 until 2:00 no classes will be scheduled for NECP students. During these hours, they will either meet with their Indiana Academy cohort leader or attend convocations on study skills, college selection and admissions, etc.


  • The tuition for Indiana Academy dual credit courses is either $25 per credit hour or $250 per course (depending upon the course). More information can be found in the course catalog. Courses taken at Ball State for credit require payment of the normal tuition amount.
  • NECP students are required each year to pay a book rental fee, student service fee, and technology fee at the same rate as resident students. Costs such as the yearbook, calculator rental, and computer insurance, will remain optional.
    Required Fees
    Enrollment Fee (Due Junior Year upon enrollment)$100
    Textbook/Supply/Technology Fee$260
    Student Services Fee$100
    Total Yearly Fees$460
    Optional Fees
    Laptop Insurance$60
    Graphing Calculator Rental$20
    Dual Credit (Earn High School and College Credit)$25-$250 per course
    Audit BSU Course for High School Credit$55 per course
    BSU Course for full College Credit$1,112-$1,496 per course
    These fees are for the 2016-17 school year and are subject to change. Students on free and reduced lunch have reduced fees or fee waivers. The $50 one-time application to BSU for Dual Credit fee is not waived.
  • Texts for Ball State courses must be purchased by the student. All other texts are provided by the Indiana Academy as part of the textbook fee.
  • Students who plan to park on the Ball State campus must pay to use the parking facilities.
  • Students would have access to the meal plans through the Ball State. If they do not choose to be on a meal plan they would need to go home for lunch, bring their lunch, pay to eat at the dining hall, eat at a restaurant, etc.
  • The NECP student (and/or their family) are responsible for making parking and meal plan arrangements.

Academic Support

Because of the rigorous nature of Academy and University classes, the Indiana Academy provides an array of services to help students if they begin to struggle academically.

  • The Office of Academic Guidance offers counseling on study habits and time organization and coordinates an extensive Peer Tutoring Program that matches students who have exceptional skills and knowledge in a particular subject with students needing help in that same area.
  • NECP students will have access to their instructor during their office hours or by appointment. All Indiana Academy instructors schedule 10 office hours each week in the day and evening hours.
  • During the first year of the program, NECP students will be assigned an advisor from the faculty to help them enroll in appropriate courses and track their progress.
  • Academic Progress Reports (APR) are sent by teachers to the student and parents by instructors whenever they begin to have difficulties in a class. These students are seen by the Assistant Director of Guidance or his graduate assistant if a student continues to receive APRs in a class or several classes.

Student Life Policies

Each incoming class enrolled in the NECP will form a cohort group lead by a member of the Indiana Academy faculty/staff. This arrangement will facilitate and encourage cohesiveness among the members of the cohort group and with the Indiana Academy community. The cohort group will be formed upon enrollment in the Academy and will attend a specific orientation along with their parents. The cohort group will meet once a week with their leader unless there is a scheduled convocation.

In addition to being responsible for following all applicable Indiana Academy Handbook policies and emergency procedures, the policies below will apply to NECP students:

  • The public areas of Wagoner Hall may be used during designated hours.
  • With a host and staff approval, NECP students may request permission to visit the resident floors for a brief time during designated hours.
  • NECP students will be required to sign in and out of Wagoner Hall at the front desk when entering or leaving the building.
  • Parents will be asked to provide the Academy with student cell phone numbers so they can be contacted in case of an emergency.


NECP students are provided a laptop for use while enrolled at the Academy and have access to the Ball State network.

Extracurricular Activities

NECP students can participate in any of the Indiana Academy clubs and other organizations if they choose to do so. They may also initiate clubs and organizations particular to the NECP program.


Students interested in participating in extra-curricular athletics would participate in the athletic program at Muncie Burris High School. Students would be required to contact the Burris Athletic Director to initiate the Indiana High School Athletic Association transfer request document. The movement from a student’s home school to the Nonresidential Early College Program would be governed by regular transfer rules of the Indiana High School Athletic Association which would require the signature of administrators from both schools in order to immediately compete in varsity sports at Muncie Burris. If the student participated in the athletic program at the home school, and the participation waiver approval from the home school principal is not secured, the student would only be eligible to participate in junior varsity athletics at Muncie Burris for a period of 365 days. If the student did not participate in the athletic program at the home school, the transfer document would still need to be completed, but the student would be immediately eligible for varsity athletics at Muncie Burris.

Transferring Between the Resident Program and NECP

Students enrolled in the resident and NECP may transfer between programs only at the discretion of the Executive Director. Students must be enrolled in either the resident or nonresident program for at least one semester and must petition for the change in status at least two months before the end of the previous semester. All fees due must be paid up to the date of the change or a payment plan submitted that is approved by the Executive Director.

Follow the steps below to get ready for Orientation

Step 1

RSVP for Orientation by contacting Sadie Ritchie by email at .

(Orientation is required for all admitted, enrolled, and waitlisted students)

Step 2

Download, Read, Fill Out, and Submit Orientation Paperwork

NECP Required - Download, read, fill out, and submit to the Indiana Academy.

NECP Band/Athletics - Download, fill out, and submit if applicable.

Core Course Substitution - For anyone wishing to take a class to earn credits from traditionally 9th or 10th grade classes, such as fine arts, PE, health, etc, please complete and submit this form to:

Michael D. McClure
Office of Academic Guidance
The Indiana Academy
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Ph. 765-285-8108
Fax: 765-285-4132

Financial aid information will be covered at orientation.

IHSAA Physical Form - Any student participating in athletics needs to have this form filled out and turned in at Orientation.

Step 3

When you attend Orientation, don’t forget to bring:

  • Orientation Forms
  • 2 Copies of birth certificate
  • Copy of insurance card and prescription cards (front and back)
  • Copy of immunization record
  • Copy of ECA Score Report
  • Copy of IEP or 504 (if applicable; please submit even if you are not planning to utilize any services or accommodations)
  • AP test score (if applicable)


Contact Sadie Ritchie at 800-316-3163 ext. 4, 765-285-3281, or by e-mail at with any questions.

Updated 8.29.16