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Why Should I Give?

The Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities is a unique, public learning environment for high school juniors and seniors from the state of Indiana. It brings together 300 of Indiana’s finest minds to work with a highly qualified and dedicated faculty in a residential setting in a concerted effort to change the World for the better. The students represent all backgrounds including rich and poor, rural and urban, black, white, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Asian. In essence, the Indiana Academy is a microcosm of the World.

In this world-class school, future leaders are challenged to reach their maximum potential, and as alumni they distinguish themselves in myriad occupations. At the Academy they are immersed 24/7 in a community of gifted and exceptional learners. They give up creature comforts and proximity to family and friends to live and study at the school. They strive to learn in this rigorous academic environment and to prepare themselves to become change agents in the World.

The contributions that the Indiana Academy has made to the lives of our 2500 alumni over the course of its 20+ years of existence are immeasurable. Our alumni continue to impact and enrich the World through their love of learning, dedication to the betterment of the human condition, and quest for excellence in every facet of their lives.

In the current economic climate, we face the same dilemma as all academic institutions. Each year operating costs increase while revenues to fund the costs are reduced. Academy students are faced with housing fees, supply fees, dual credit charges, technology fees, and so on. Even though the Academy has tightened its budget year after year, it has had to increase fees nearly every year. Consequently, in these difficult economic times, an Academy education has become out of reach for many Hoosier families struggling to make ends meet.

Through the creative and generous efforts of faculty and staff, parents, alumni and friends, the following foundation accounts have been established to secure this unique educational opportunity for future high ability applicants from all economic backgrounds. In addition to three family scholarship funds, there are many options for giving!

1006 Indiana Academy General
Purpose:To provide for a wide range of needs not covered by the operating budget.
Example:Job search expenses for open faculty and staff positions, Baccalaureate Service costs.
1007 Indiana Academy Equipment Fund
Purpose:To provide funds for the purchase of scientific and technological equipment for the Academy.
Example:Purchase of Virtual Reality Equipment for Computer Science classrooms.
1009 Indiana Academy Student Discretionary Fund
Purpose:To provide a source of revenue to students with demonstrated financial need for curricular and extracurricular projects and events.
Example:Assistance to students with May Term costs, athletic uniforms and fees, field trip costs and academic team competitions.
1018 Indiana Academy Alumni Fund
Purpose:To support the programs of the Indiana Academy Office of Alumni Relations.
Example:Assistance with reunion planning costs and 5-, 10-, and 25-year Celebrations.
1023 Indiana Academy Scholars Fund
Purpose:To provide financial assistance with housing fees for students who, without such support, could not attend the Academy.
Example:Over 100 students have received assistance with BSU housing fees from this fund.
1035 Christine Ney fund for Theatre Arts
Purpose:To enable Indiana Academy students to participate in field trips to such events as the Stratford or Shaw Festivals or to help produce plays at the Academy.
Example:Funds from this account have helped reduce the overall cost to students who participate.
1036 Indiana Academy Annual Fund
Purpose:To provide financial support for areas of greatest need.
Example:Emergency assistance with payment of dual credit fees and other class fees to help students meet graduation and honors diploma requirements.
1066 Tom Cross Scholarship
Purpose:To provide one scholarship annually to a graduate of the Indiana Academy who plans to attend college and study in the Arts.
90002 Indiana Academy General Endowment
Purpose:Created by a small group of Academy alumni to grow and provide future financial assistance for the school.
90003 Indiana Academy Current Needs
Purpose:This fund is expendable and may be used to meet needs at the school as determined by school administration and the appointed fund advisor(s). Grant recommendations shall be a minimum of $500. The fund shall not remain inactive without awards for more than one year.

How Can I Give?

You may make a gift to any of these funds…

If you are interested in information regarding a multi-year pledge, please contact Derek J. Berger, Director of Development (Teachers College) at 765.285.4054 or

The State of Indiana offers a special tax credit to taxpayers in return for their support. When you make a gift to the Indiana Academy through the Ball State University Foundation, you are eligible for a tax credit for 50% of your gift up to a maximum of $200 for joint returns and $100 for single returns. The State tax credit is available even if you do not itemize deductions on your federal income tax return. You must use Indiana State Income tax form CC-40 to claim your credit.

Example: For a couple filing jointly:Gift AmountIN tax creditCost of gift
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